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93 local bands. 138 sources.
A Terrible blitz through the past few years in the small, local Boston music scene.

If you're in here, and you like a band you're mashed with, get in touch and collab!

Huge thanks to Jon (jPops) from Sound of Boston and Kristin from Bishop and Rook. And of course, to J-Dow.


released March 3, 2016

CREDITS (in order of appearance):
“Frank Oglesby”-Dkbball89
“MBTA Fan Art”-tpirman1982
Premier Moment-The Colonnade
Goon Squad-Ripe
Dollar Mennunaire-Mr. Fritz
Market Basket (ft. Solei)-LA Jeff
Time (feat. Iva Kostic)-Viva La Hop
(You Are Not) Better Than Me-Penalty Kill
Mugwort-Zip-Tie Handcuffs
Alive and Well-The Young Leaves
367 Equalizer-Guerilla Toss
Off the Record-The Intrinsics
The Long Walk Home-The New Warden
Real Rhymes-Negro League (& Mr. Crane)
Courtesy Moans-Lady Bones
Hurry to meet death before your place is taken-Bundles
Out on my Own-Oh Malô
Instro-The Black Cheers
Feed-Oh Malô
You Don’t Know-Lesser Knowns
What You Wanna Do-Lesser Knowns
Theme from Krill (Reprise)-Krill
Suburban Lady-Eddie Japan
Hey, Mr. Paul-Oh Malô
DMT-The TeleVibes
Pete ColdPack-The TeleVibes
These Happy Days-Eddie Japan
Daily-Michael Christmas
Concerned Cuz There’s Nothing Wrong-jPops
Be Kind To Your Neighbor (song)-Zerobot
Pushing Years-Eddie Japan
The Rapture-Dutch ReBelle
Ship Without An Anchor-Low Key
Lookout Johnny-Will Dailey
La Boca Del Mar-Los Rumberos de Massachusetts
Next Best Thing-Low Key
Friendly-Plastic Waves
1+1=6-Latrell James
Shoot and Point-Eight Feet Tall
Melancholy Sleep-Plastic Waves
Abroad-The Colonnade
Deuxième Moment-The Colonnade
Bi-Polar-Latrell James
Pushing Me Down-Plastic Waves
Candles-Latrell James
Adolescent-The Colonnade
Love Tryangle-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Read Receipts-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Upstate-The Colonnade
The Itis-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Thought of You-Kyle Thornton & the Co.
Recollect-Bakari JB
Back to Me-The Color and the Sound
Gregory-The Color and the Sound
Everything that I Hate-Rebuilder
Work-Mr. Fritz
X-Mas Punks-Rebuilder
No God in Massachusetts-Dead Cats Dead Rats
An Introduction to the Album-The Hotelier
No Girlfriends-Great Lakes USA
All Just Ghosts-Empty Vessels
Dirt on My Shoes-Cordelia & the Buffalo
Take It Up A Notch-Cordelia & the Buffalo
Free-Cordelia & the Buffalo
Practicality-Bakari JB
King’s Men-Kingsley Flood
Jenny (It’s Getting Late)-The Field Effect
Will She Remember Me-ABADABAD
Black Streak-Nemes
Arrows-Amy & the Engine
Down-Kingsley Flood
I Got You-Amy & the Engine
Invasion-Negro League (& Mr. Crane)
Youth Up-Blank Brothers
Have a Nice Evening-Blank Brothers
Flame-Blood Club
Playing on Silent-Blank Brothers
Mental Capacity-Blood Club
Potter’s Field/Dockery-The Solars
SLACK-Blood Club
Pretty Good-Dutch ReBelle
Too Good for Winning-Spirit Kid
Things I Enjoy-Fat History
Young and Wild-Mean Creek
Warning Pt. 2 (ft. Chizz Dot)-Mr. Fritz
Evel Knievel-Mean Creek
So Close-Sidewalk Driver
444-Gold Blood
Loose Thoughts-Bakari JB
Everybody Loves My Face-Sidewalk Driver
Why Are You Here-Osekre
Danger City, Population Me-Yale, Massachusetts
Don’t Be Afraid-Goddamn Draculas
Ham Trapper-Goddamn Draculas
Jenny-Goddamn Draculas
Panel of Experts-Bent Shapes
Passenger-Choke Up
Compulsory Champagne-Hallelujah the Hills
Do You Have Romantic Courage?-Hallelujah the Hills
Multibeast TV-Guerrilla Toss
Diamond Girls-Guerrilla Toss
Protector-Waldo the Band
Resurrection Hub-Save Ends
We Are What We Say We Are-Hallelujah the Hills
Night Cap-Biscuits & Gravy
Nothing Special-Chameleon Culture
Song of Susannah-Save Ends
Hello Weekend-Biscuits & Gravy
Snap Out Of It-Chameleon Culture
No Stars-Pale Hands
Havana-The Dirty Looks
Hands Of Time-The Ladles




Terrible Cambridge, Massachusetts

Terrible started for shits and giggles with a J-Lo sample. It's happy music. Grew out of hand during summer break from Ivy culture. It's an experiment in turning all songs into party songs. It's a departure from emotional guitar music and pretension and hands-in-pockets. It's a celebration of fun and derivative sounds and liking music because it sounds good even if it doesn't have a fucking point. ... more

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